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Friday, March 16, 2007

Big Changes for Poorer Than You

Hey everyone, you might notice some changes around here. First of all, comments have been disabled. No, I didn't have a spam attack or anything, actually, something rather awesome has happened....

I have my own domain name! Thanks to Millionster's Lucky Day giveaway, I won one year's domain registration! I am also taking this opportunity to move off of Blogger and to a nice cozy server located somewhere in Florida (at least my site will be somewhere warm!).

Why disable comments? Because I've moved all the posts, and now people are commenting on BOTH sites! I don't know how to move comments people have made since the move, so if you made a comment this morning, please head over to poorerthanyou.com and repost it there - sorry for the inconvenience!

I know things aren't fully finished over there, but I hope to have things settled (enough) within the next two days. Please stick with me!